26 August 2013 Guardian Angels Karen’s Video Introduction to the Interviews with the Ascended Masters


The Dodecahedron is symbolic of the Christ within being born in each of us as we are surrounded by Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters.

Karen has been in direct contact with the ascended masters and archangels for 33 years and it has been revealed to Karen and Chuck to present these conversations to a wider public. For 10 years, through What If It Really Works?, Karen and Chuck Robison have interviewed respected scientists and people who are dedicated to spiritual truths.

We have been told that we will be interviewing many of the ascended masters. This is a truly remarkable process. We know of many channels who communicate with one Ascended Master. We know of no one who has been given access to and messages from many of the Ascended Masters in a scheduled and Master-initiated

It is the greatest desire of all the ascended masters and archangels interviewed to assist each person on earth to “come home” to remembering and to live in the sacred truths and wisdom of our being one with God as children of the Light.

Since there is no value in seeing Karen in candlelight as she IS BEING OVERLIGHTED FOR THESE MESSAGES, the interviews are going to be audio only.

Apparently, this series is for limited and discreet distribution at this time. Each of you is requested to send out the link from this page to each interview to those you believe will benefit from this information. That in itself will promote a viral distribution to the right people.

Our Melchizedek interview, our first, has already had many visitors and we expect more. We have already received notice from Audio Acrobat that we have exceeded our limit for this time period and they are now going to be charging us for more time as people listen to each of these interviews.

If you care to, there is a donation button of Karen’s web site that will enable you to assist us in the expenses of this project. Use the Donate Additional Reading Fee to make a contribution in any amount. All donations are tax deductible as Karen’s work is under the What If It Really Works? 501(c)(3) umbrella.

If you would like to schedule a private consultation with your masters and guides and teachers, through Karen, please call Karen @ 512-673-7052

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One Response to “Karen’s Video Introduction to the Interviews with the Ascended Masters”

  1. Ros says:

    I generally listen to one of the interviews (whichever calls out to me) when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning and can’t get back to sleep. The higher vibrations I experience while listening lull me, after the interview, back to sleep, during which I experience the most exquisite dreamtime! Thank you and Soulou Rose for doing these interviews. J

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