3 September 2013 Interview with Ascended Master Jesus 9/1/13

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Painting by Glenda Green


In prior messages from the Ascended Masters, we received the information that the Ascended Masters wish to be interviewed by us, one at a time over a period of months. Karen is to be the channel and I am to be the interviewer.

We bring now The Lord Jesus, The Christ. This interview was conducted on Sunday, September 1, 2013 at our home in Cedar Park.

I started the 365 day study of The Course in Miracles on May 8, 1978. Soon after the beginning of this course, I realized that Jesus was speaking directly to me in the lessons, text and teachers guidance of The Course in Miracles. That was completely clear and did not seem to me to be mysterious. But my attempts to tell others, especially fellow ministers, met with derision and judgement. I learned that most believed Jesus is gone and not speaking with anyone.

In the 35 years since then, things have changed a lot.

With this interview, I am convinced The Christ is speaking through us. I urge you to approach this with an open mind.

This interview is especially timely because Jesus warns that our planned, and to be debated next week in Congress, incursion into Syria has the potential to escalate this war….which might mean nuclear exchanges and massive destruction. When I was asking Jesus about this, I made a mistake and said we kill 300,000 people in this country every year with guns. What is correct and what I meant to say is that since the turn of this century, we have killed 300,000 Americans with guns, including way too many children.

At the end of this interview, Soulou Rose, who was asked by The Masters to set up this series of interviews, comments on what she has just heard in this interview.

Once you have listened to this 55 minute interview, please decide if you would like to share it with someone you know. We have been told this is the only distribution or announcement we should make with this series of interviews.

Next week we will interview Master Sanat Kumara. He is known as The Ancient of Days.

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Bless you,

Chuck and Karen Robison+

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