23 September 2013 Interview With Lady Venus on 9/22/13

Lady Venus

Lady Venus

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The “I AM” Activity, The Bridge to Freedom, Church Universal and Triumphant and all other “Ascended Master Teachings” organizations believe that Sanat Kumara has a Divine Complement (Twin Flame) (i.e., a celestial wife) – Lady Master Venus – the New Age “Goddess of Love”. The Ascended Lady Master Venus is usually depicted as having the appearance of a 16 year old girl. Sanat Kumara is believed to have married Lady Master Venus millions of years ago on Venus before he came to Earth.

SANAT KUMARA AND LADY VENUS represent the Mother and Father principles at the highest level;. Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara are responsible for the in-flowing of all the rays to the world at this time. When in doubt use this quintessence and the smell of spice. As administrators of all the rays they help to access any ray. Helps us to get to the bottom of things, to find out what lies behind a particular issue. When there’s been abuse or difficulties in the past it helps to bring about a positive connection to the female/male role models within the self.

On another level they make a bridge between this side and the other side so they useful to people working on bridge building between the spirit world and our own, particularly in this time frame. Very useful for deep emotional shocks.The secret of the Universe is within us. This quintessence helps us to make the link to the deepest aspects within ourselves, to that spark of Divinity. The more conscious we become, the more we can participate in the Divine process. Brings in a new octave, a step up to a higher level of vibrations.

A dislike for the spicy smell can indicate difficulties in letting go, especially of emotional issues. This quintessence brings special awareness of Divine Life into the everyday. They operate on the law, “As Above, So Below.” What is going on in us is going on in the Divine, the Angelic kingdom and the Source as well as also below in the plant, mineral and animal kingdom.

This interview was powerful and impactful and an hour after the interview ended, we are still vibrating with what we heard. If you have similar experiences with this, we would appreciate you adding a comment in the box below.

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One Response to “Interview With Lady Venus on 9/22/13”

  1. Sarah Vargo says:

    Hi Karen, I love that you are posting these channelings – I am certain these are indeed coming from the masters and angels and it is so great you are putting out accurate information from them. Keep up the wonderful lightwork.

    Love and Light, Sarah V 😉

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