10 November 2013 Interview with ArchAngel Raphael 11/10/13

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Raphael Raphael is the healing ArchAngel. His name in Hebrew means “God Cures”. He represents the qualities of truth, concentration, and healing. His ray, emerald green, is the color of spring renewal and rejuvenation. From a painting by Marius Michael-George. Art and Text Provided by Ascension Mastery International.

Of the three Angels named in the Bible, St. Raphael gets, perhaps, the least attention today. This is a real pity, because, in a society that needs healing as never before in our time, and which is made up of so many strangers and migrants, the work of St. Raphael in the lives of the Church and her children is really essential.

Much of what the Church knows of St. Raphael comes from the book of Tobit, wherein the heavenly spirit disguises himself as a man and acts as both the companion and guide of Tobias. He prays for him, prescribes a cure for his father’s blindness, and saves his wife from the devil. The Angel then reveals himself to be, as the opening quote tell us, one of the seven archangels who stand ever before the face of God; the other two named in the Bible are of course Ss. Gabriel and Michael.

But the Old Testament is not necessarily the only place that St. Raphael makes his appearance in the Bible. Many of the Church Fathers had speculated on whether or not he was the angel mentioned in John 5:1-4, which speaks of the pool called Probatica, where the ill were brought for healing: “an angel of the Lord descended at certain times into the pond; and the water was moved. And he that went down first into the pond after the motion of the water was made whole of whatsoever infirmity he lay under.” This account was made the Gospel reading for the Mass of the feast of St. Raphael in the traditional calendar (October 24) — which continues to be observed not only in communities which follow the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, but also in those locales where St. Raphael is a patron. In the Ordinary Form, of course, he is grouped with St. Michael and the other angels on Spetember 29. (Listen to our Interview with ArchAngel Michael conducted on MichaelMass: https://angelreadingsbykaren.com/2013/09/29/interview-with-ascended-master-lord-michael-on-20120929/)

Due to his actions in the Book of Tobit and the Gospel of John, St. Raphael is accounted patron of travelers, the blind, happy meetings, nurses, physicians, Christian marriage, and Catholic studies. As a particular enemy of the devil, he was revered in Catholic Europe as a special protector of Catholic sailors: on a corner of Venice’s famous Doge’s Palace, there is a relief depicting Raphael with Tobias on his knees holding a scroll on which is written: Efficia fretum quietum (“Keep the Gulf quiet”). On July 8, 1497, when Vasco Da Gama set forth from Lisbon with his four ship fleet to sail to India, the flagship was named — at the King of Portugal’s insistence — the St. Raphael. When the flotilla reached the Cape of Good Hope on October 22, the sailors disembarked and erected a column in the archangel’s honor. The little statue of St. Raphael that accompanied Da Gama on the voyage is now in the Naval Museum in Lisbon.

In Tuscany, and many other places, every teenager who left home for the first time was placed under the Archangel’s care. St. Raphael was called there Adolescentium pudicitiae defensor — “defender of adolescent chastity.” In token of his defense of travelers, one of the largest Catholic Emigrants’ Aid groups, the St. Raphael’s Society, was founded in Hamburg in 1871 to help Catholics of all nationalities arriving in America. Various offshoots of the original group in a number of different countries continue the work today.

Above Text provided by The Queen of Angels Foundation.

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