17 February 2014 Ascended Master Lady Faith 2014-02-16

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Lady Faith Ascended Master Lady Faith Even within the most unaware of circumstances Beautiful Ones, FAITH infiltrates each day of your splendid life. Realize that everything that you believe to be true is based even remotely on Faith; whether that faith is in yourself, in someone else, in God or even in the life that you are currently occupying. Faith has had a way to deepen your life, and bind together all that you hold as true and at the same time providing a never-ending of change that helps to guide you into newer ways of being and doing.

Quite often Beautiful Ones, Faith is misunderstood and misrepresented. Understand my dears that faith is always formed by reason, experience and some amount of actual fact. Faith is also fostered by your intuition that provides you with an Inner Knowing regarding what it is you are to do along your journey. Faith brings you belief to knowing what your purpose is for this life you are currently living.

Throughout all the many different cultural beliefs, there is within a form of faith that is known and understood. Faith Beautiful Ones delivers you to believing that life is always worth living regardless of any obstacles and challenges that may cross your path at any one time. When you apply Faith during any of your challenges, regardless if they are difficult or easy, you are instantly aligning yourself to gain all that is essential in life.

Faith is observed every day, but it takes a dear soul to observe without the heavy emotions that are often on the surface that cloud your perception. Many of your newscasts deliver heartbreaking news that speaks of one tragedy after another. What they don’t always show is how the survivors of these ordeals are coping but when they do what you see is the Faith and Hope that is alive and strong within them. They know already that their life ahead of them will be a challenge to rebuild but they are moving forward one step and one day at a time, persevering and making it happen. How many times Beautiful Ones have you met a terrible obstacle, thinking how in the world are you going to make it? Yet here you are, stronger and filled with more wisdom that ever. Faith has always had an impact on your life even if you were not aware of the quiet working of this part of your Self.

Text and Portrait from: http://www.ascensionearth2012.org/2013/07/message-from-archeia-lady-faith-where.html

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2 Responses to “Ascended Master Lady Faith 2014-02-16”

  1. Debi Higdon says:

    Thank you so much for this important message from Lady Faith. Her words regarding faith and trust came at the exact right time for me personally.
    I am so blessed to be able to listen to these inspiring messages each week that touch my heart. Thank you Karen, for opening up your heart to this amazing gift that you have!

  2. Alix Green says:

    Thank you Karen for the words you have written for me to read, this came at a good time in my life.

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