14 September 2014 Interview with Archangel Metatron 2014-09-14

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Metatron8-250x300Archangel Metatron was a great ruler of his people, governing with justice and peace.

He is accredited with bringing writing and books to humanity and is supposed to have written 366 books during his lifetime, including books on the Sacred Knowledge of Creation – creation stories based upon patterns of sacred geometry.

He is also supposed to have taught the ‘Sons of God’ how to construct cities and brought through knowledge of the Zodiac and planets.

Much of the time he lived a pious life in seclusion when not teaching. He was given the position of Heavenly scribe and asked to maintain the eternal archives of God, recording every event that occurs.

Having moved on from that position, he now oversees the Akashic Records of each individual, keeping their karmic records. He oversees all the other recording angels. With this position he sits along side the throne of the Lord and to enter into the seventh Heaven, one passes by him first.

The position held by Metatron at the top of the Tree of Life also means he is attributed with being involved in Divine creation: passing the Divine blueprint for creation at all levels down to all the angels beneath him to put into place.

Metatron is in charge of and actuates the sacred geometry patterns of the Universe. He holds the Metatronic Cube – a structure composed of all the sacred shapes of the Universe. He places this structure over anything to be created, forming the blueprint of its construction. The major Earth’s ley lines follow the same pattern as the Metatronic Cube.

He is the governor of the ‘Stellar Gateway’ chakra situated about 3 feet above the top of the head, which begins to open as we develop spiritually.

Text and artwork from:Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings at http://www.lightascension.com/arts/Ascended%20Master.htm

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3 Responses to “Interview with Archangel Metatron 2014-09-14”

  1. Magdalaena says:

    Always and forever my deepest Gratitude!!! Peace calmness and
    Goodwill to men!!!

    Thank you Archangel Metatron!!!!

  2. Debi Higdon says:

    What an awesome interview at the exact perfect time for a discussion on peace for humanity and our beloved Gaia. So much good advice in this session, thank you SO much!

  3. Sandy says:

    Absolutely the most enlightening yet. Thank you so much. I pray that we all may incorporate this into our lives.
    In forgiveness and love. Sandy

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