22 September 2014 Interview with Mother Mary 2014-09-21

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Interview With Ascended Master Mother Mary, Twin Flame of Raphael

mary3” . . .My admonition to you is to bring into the outer consciousness the love for God. Place all that you are on the Altar of God. Hold back nothing from God.”When you have done this, you will be the Christed One. You will wear the Mantle of the Christ that walks and talks in the physical.

Until you have given all to God, there is still left a sense of separation in your world – you cannot know fully the Expansiveness and the Allness of the Love of God. “The Light that you receive through your Crystal Cord – the Pure White Essence – is not to be squandered, not to be wasted. It is your daily allotment of bread and drink.

Too many in the world are unaware of the great Opportunity right where they stand. They know not of the Violet Flame. They know not of the Light of their Causal Body. They know not of the Emerald Matrix. “The Emerald Matrix of My Heart, beloved ones, is the Healing and Wholeness for My children. If they are to be cared for, they must know of the Violet Flame. For the release of the Violet Flame will connect them with the Emerald Matrix of My Heart and the Healing that will bring the Comfort on the moment.

“There are yet too many in the land who are tied and tethered to old doctrine and dogma. I cannot speak so boldly to those who do not have an open consciousness. I must cloak My Words. I must teach them only with what they are able to conceive in the mind. “But the Ascended Master students have the ability to go beyond, to internalize the Light, to take the Instruction and to move Heaven and Earth.

When you receive the Light of your God Presence and you do not waste that Light, you will find you can move Heaven and Earth. But all require the Mother Light in the matter plane. This physical octave must have the Light. . . . ” ” . . . Miracles are waiting to occur!”

We in the Ascended Octave know that the Miracles are the Reality of Cosmic Law applied through Mastery. For those who know not of Ascended Master Law, many of the occurrences even of the day seem miraculous, phenomenal. For the student who knows the Law, they expect those Miracles to occur, because there is a reason. There is an application. There is an understanding Wisdom of the Law. . . . ”

” . . . The Violet Flame will open the Pathway to the Emerald Matrix of My Heart, and the Healing Currents of a Mother’s Love for Her children. Would you deny them that?

“Mother Mary, I expect a miracle from you.”


Art and text from the web site, The Temple of the Presence

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2 Responses to “Interview with Mother Mary 2014-09-21”

  1. Debi Higdon says:

    Thank you so much for all the wisdom packed into this interview regarding our children coming in to our beloved planet and how we should treat them, how we should take care of them and be serviced to them. Mother Mary’s messages are always so nurturing and loving. Thank you so much for the work you continue to do. Blessings!

  2. Magdalaena says:

    Gratitude always in all ways for all the wisdom and synchronized happenings
    I am being made aware of thru my listening to these blessed interviews.
    Mother Mary knows my heart and soul. Yes, these precious children are our teachers and
    deserve much love and respect to be listened to and heard.Thank you Mother Mary
    for always being with us feeling your love surrounding all.All in Oneness.

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