26 January 2015 Paul The Venetian ASCENDED MASTER PAUL THE VENETIAN 2015-01-25

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Foundations of God Love

“As the Chohan of the Third Ray of the Love of God, I, Paul the Venetian, Address you from the Heart of God. For indeed, as each I AM Presence comes forth out of the Allness of God, proclaiming the I AM, the first thrust of Conscious Awareness is the Heart of God from whence they have come and to where they may go; that Heart is always a part of the Foundation and the Fabric that allows that Presence to go forward — creating, fashioning, forming, exhibiting all of the Glorious Heart of God. This is why, when you as the incarnate Son and Daughter of God elect to put your attention upon your own God Presence, there is oft times an overwhelming sensation that comes upon you; and you are filled so with a Courageous Heart and a desire to move, to be, and to act within that Heart and its impetus, that you begin to cast about with your consciousness to see how you may further expand that which you have received in all Its Glory as the Love of God.

“This is why you are drawn to many of the beautiful Arts, so that you might give expression to that Heart’s longing for more of that Beauty, Wholeness, Comfort that truly is only known when you are in the Heart of God. Many times, try though you may, your creations have not risen to the level of your expectations, and you have found yourself disappointed and oft times discouraged if that was to continue on and on. Perhaps you have not integrated, sufficiently, that Love of God with Illumination’s Flame of Wisdom. For Love alone without the guiding Intelligence of the Mind of God desires to have the full understanding of what is the possibility for you to manifest. How you can bring forth within all of your own capability, what you know at present; and how you may train to fulfill that heart’s longing to bring about that expanded awareness of God in the initial inception of the Mind of God, revealed to you.

“When you love in any form, any fashion, in any manner, that love always is qualified by the Heart of your own God Presence. For true Love can never be manufactured. It will never masquerade as something it is not. It will always be present when you speak. It will be reflected in your eyes as you look upon the heart’s desiring. You will exhibit it in your vibration as you apply every aspect of your life, touching, moving, tending to all of the affairs that are multifaceted that you must engage in life.

“When you have the Foundations of God Love, there will be no details too minute that your Heart will not long to fill with that Quality of the Great Magnet of the One God within the Heart. For yes, blessed hearts — and your hearts truly are Blessed — every aspect of loving is an opportunity to allow the Mighty I AM Presence to expand all of the Desiring of that Presence in every vehicle of consciousness that you wear, across every plane of consciousness, as the fuel and the active motive for every desire that you would bring forth; and thus, all are blessed by a Heart of Love. . . .”

Text From the Ascension Research Center

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3 Responses to “ASCENDED MASTER PAUL THE VENETIAN 2015-01-25”

  1. Magdalaena says:

    Another Blessing indeed!!! The light of God never fails
    and our Mighty I Am presence is that Light!!!
    Much gratitude to you Paul the Venetian. Pink light and love to yall

  2. Debi Higdon says:

    Thank u so much for the reminder to live in Love all the time. To stay connected to God each moment of every day. What a blessing it is for all of us to have this gift of connection to our Father God !

  3. Lauren says:

    This was such a powerful interview. Thank you for sharing this gift. A wonderful reminder that we should not see events in our world and label them as negative/ wrong/ bad as there are greater forces at play. And that first and foremost as light workers our job is to hold a quality, elevated frequency above all else when the 3D world may appear to be something other than evolving. Thank you again.

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