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Interview with Ascended Master Metatron – 2014-07-20

20 July 2014

Click arrow below to listen to the interview now: Download Interview to your devices with this link: Click here to download… During his lifetime Archangel Metatron was a great ruler of his people, governing with justice and peace. He is accredited with bringing writing and books to humanity and is supposed to have written 366 books […]

Ascended Master Djwal Khul on 2014-06-03

4 June 2014

Press the arrow on the left on the line below to begin the interview. Click here to download…        From Wikipedia Djwal Khul (variously spelled ‘Djwhal Khul’, ‘Djwal Kul’, the ‘Master D.K.’, ‘D.K.’, or simply ‘DK’), is believed by some Theosophists and others to be a Tibetan disciple in the tradition of ancient […]